Hair and Make up on a freezing beach

this poor girl in a dressing gown when people were being evacuated !!

so last week saw some terrible weather. So, as usual i find myself on a beach on camber sands !!.. On a day where we saw sun , blue skies, snow and freezing winds. If you look on instagram you will see a picture of a model in a dressing gown. She has on underneath a tiny little stripy top and i was pouring water onto her hair !! .

We were shooting spring beauty, luckily they will be able to do something about the fact that her skin was basically purple. !!

The poor girl was frozen. But thats the nature of the business , we are now shooting spring as the magazines are so far ahead.

And think of us in the summer when we are shooting winter !! .

Thankfully i had my wonderful Burberry make up and my new Charlotte Tilbury to help. But the shoot was mainly about dior , make up and clothes.

Working with great models and photographers we can come together to make something work .I'll post the pictures when they are published.

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